Is it possible to be addicted to curating events?

Well, here is what I have learnt along the path

Don’t start it with the sole aim of making money.

This might seem odd but it’s the one thing I’m grateful I did from the beginning. Why? Because this is very unpredictable business you could literally do everything right and still not make profit or break even especially when you’re just starting out.

Collaborations can either make or break you

I am a firm believer in working and collaborating with growing or big brands but you have to choose wisely. You might be working with a friend, a co-worker or stranger but when it comes to event production know that business is business.

Be consistent

I added this because I still need tell myself this every time I’ve considered quitting (like 5 minutes ago) or just giving up. If you’re an addict like me, chances are it’s hard to stay away except when the doubts, fears and anxiety come out to play and you want to run away.

Figure out how to create value

People will only give you money if you create an experience they value or something they will want to value. So whatever event or concept you’re producing, always think about who this will mean something to and why they will value it.

Treat Every Guest like they matter

Because they do! I’m lucky to have supportive friends and family but majority of my events are attended by people I have never met before.



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